Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taylor's First TBall Game

Last night Taylor had his first game. He did great and seemed to enjoy it ok, given the rain and muck. All three of us were pretty muddy afterwards, thanks mostly to Aric repeatedly trapsing through puddles and slime. Taylor was relatively clean (especially compared to his teammate who fell in the slime in front of the dugout. His entire front, from shoulders to shins, was brown. Poor kid! Taylor had one "fall" but thankfully it was out in the grass so he didn't get too mucky because of it.

[Check out that "ready position"! Maybe a little exaggerated, but so cute!]

He was playing in between the first and second basemen (we have a lot of players and not much outfield, so there are additional players between every standard position) and he fielded the ball. The second baseman (also the coach's son :-) said HE wanted to get the ball 'cuz he hadn't gotten to field it yet. With that brief explanation, he tackled Taylor and tried to wrestle the ball away from him (in all fairness, Taylor and a number of other kids tend to do this to each other in practice, so it was not entirely unexpected or without provocation. :-). The coach, who was right there, took his kid off Taylor and Taylor threw the ball in with a sheepish grin. I think he was pretty pleased that he had managed to hold onto the ball (maybe he's prepping for football in a few years).

Although his form was pretty rough, he did a pretty good job at actually hitting the ball, and since we were the last to arrive, he was the last batter. In tball, they don't keep score and innings go until everyone's had a chance to bat, so every time he batted, he got to run around all the bases at once. I think he enjoyed that.

In the first inning, he took his sweatshirt off to bat and field and wore it while waiting for his turn at bat. I found it amusing that he and the other kid whose dad is from Montana were both in T-shirts. Every other kid was layered warmly. After the first inning, I decided I'd join the "Romans" and had him put his sweatshirt on under his T-shirt. No reason to let my nearly 0% body fat boy get chilled to the bone, but it just doesn't come as naturally to me as to these "wimpy Westerners" (or more sane people, as the case may be. :-) The wet cold out here is so different from the dry Montana cold - even when the temps seem fairly reasonable, if there's any moisture in the air, it feels significantly colder than I think it should.

In other news, the drain plumbing is pretty much finished up. I took pictures, but they're pretty boring and you can't see much, so I decided you should just take my word for it. :-) Jeremy's been upriver, but when he gets back, he'll be running the supply lines and then we'll be quite close to sheetrocking time. We probably want to run our ductwork first, and of course we'll need to wait for inspections before we close things up. We'll also have to insulate all the walls before sheetrock, but really, that's not very much left to do. I'm excited about how close we are getting. We really look forward to moving in and stopping the commuting business we're doing right now. Jeremy commutes up there every day to work on the house when he's not upriver, and the boys and I have T-Ball practices or games twice a week, church on Sunday, and a Bible Study on Tuesday, so usually we're up there at least four times each week. It's about a half-hour drive each way, so it's not too terrible (I keep telling the boys as they whine about time in the car), but it'll be really nice to actually live there and have all of our community events so close! I'm very thankful for the connections that we are making and think that we will really enjoy the community once we settle in a bit.


Kami said...

It's so weird that Taylor is already playing sports!! It seems like just yesterday that you whispered you were pregnant to me while walking the track at George Fox. I love reading your blog and am so glad you guys are almost into your "new" house! We would love to have you over before your sweet baby girl arrives.

Smith Family said...

Way to go Taylor!! I bet the Mariners will be calling soon.