Wednesday, August 15, 2012

April Musings

We have really cute kids! Ascha usually waits until one or both of us parents tucks her in, but this night, she put herself to bed and promptly fell asleep... in our bed, not hers... and in my gardening hat.

Aric had a wonderful time on Cowboy Day dressing up and enjoying the special day with his friends at school. He sure looked the part.

Each of our children is so unique. We recently read the story of Solomon asking for wisdom. As a lead-in, I asked the kids what they'd ask for if they could have anything. Aric said, "All the legos in the, wait! All the boy toys in the world!" Taylor said he wished he could have a super-special brain that could think up all sorts of amazing inventions. Ascha said she would choose a princess doll house and lots of princesses. It was fun to see so much revealed about each one's personality in such a simple Q&A.

When it comes to interesting news, the dog is not about to be left out. Not only does our cat love to swallow earplugs and rubberbands whole, but our dog eats leashes. EATS. As in, consumes in entirety. He snuck off into a corner and in a matter of minutes, chewed off all but the latch-end of his 5 foot leash and swallowed it whole. After three nervous days of watching and waiting, he is once again "unleashed." (Which is worse - the bad pun or impolite references to bodily functions?)

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