Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taylor's 8th Birthday

Taylor turned 8 on December 9th. A few days before, while Grandma Janet was visiting, we celebrated his upcoming birthday with a german chocolate cake and he got a really neat gift from Grandma and Grandpa... a birding book, CD, and binoculars. These came in handy about a month later when we went birding at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge with Grandma and Grandpa. (Sorry about the sideways pics!)

On the morning of Taylor's birthday, he had banana pancakes and received his gifts from his immediate family. 

 Mom and Dad got him an RC helicopter.

Then it was off to school where he enjoyed being celebrated in the classroom.

That evening, Grammy and Grumpy arrived, bearing gifts from Montana.

When the weekend rolled around, it was party time with friends. Taylor chose a lego theme and his signature peppermint ice cream birthday cake. 

We didn't get too many great pics at the party because there was so much ACTION. The kids split into teams and had a tower building contest. Then they had a great time seeing which team was better at ball toss... into the rival team's tower, of course. It was suspenseful and exciting and perfect for a rainy winter day. 

 It was a great party. (Fellow moms, I'd highly recommend the lego theme... it's easy to come up with games that everyone enjoys and the mess is minimal! :-) It was wonderful to celebrate our Taylor James. The years are flying by and it's hard to believe he's already 8! We're so thankful for his passion for doing the right thing, his insatiable curiosity, his desire for excellence, and his fun-loving spirit. His grin lights up our days and his laughter is infectious. He is a bright light, indeed, and we are so pleased God saw fit to bless our family with him.

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