Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here are the pics I promised a few days ago. As you can see, Aric's stitches are out and his black eye is much better. Taylor wanted me to take his picture, too, so here's a fun one.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Aric Gets His Stitches Out

This morning, all four of us went to the doctor for Aric's stitch removal. I was not looking forward to holding Aric down while he got his stitches removed, so I brought Jeremy along to do my dirty work. Amazingly enough, though, Aric didn't fuss or even try to move. He seemed to think it was all very interesting, and the stitches came out without incident. We'll see if he can make it a few days without splitting the tender new skin open again...We certainly hope so! After we get past the "splitting open" period, we'll start exploring scar minimizing treatments because his wound is in such a prominent place. Hopefully we can make it disappear.

Jeremy's working on the VW bus today. He's getting very close to completing it. He's got a few days worth of body work left to finish out the doors, and then he'll just have a little nose work and the body will be done!

We've been working a little on our landscaping (we've got SO much room for improvement) and it's nice to see things looking a little better.

Our only other noteworthy adventure of late is the ongoing battle with the ants. Anyone who lives near us will understand what we mean. We have tiny little black ants that try to invade about once a week. They're always sending out scouts to find suitable locations, so we stop one colony, only to have another colony moving into a different room. It's an ongoing war, and we always win (thanks to TERRO), but it's annoying. However, the boys really like the excitement of new bugs to look at. Aric will lay on the floor and watch one crawl around and say, "Hi! Hi, Att! Hi!" over and over until I come over and "make the ant go away."

I have a few pics to post but for some reason I can't right now, so I'll try again later.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Aric's first ER Adventure

Aric went to the ER last night for a big cut on the bridge of his nose. He fell onto the corner of Taylor's bedframe, which is not sharp, but is very hard. He got to have four stitches and we are in for a tricky couple of days trying to convince him to leave them alone. He does really good, and then he kinda forgets that it hurts and reaches up to grab at the owie or scratch it. Then he cries. It's pretty sad. Hopefully he won't scar too badly. Here's a picture of him with his stitches, his bruised cheek, his semi-black eye, and the fun sticker he got from the ER. :-) While he was there, he kept trying to pull off his bracelet, but I convinced him it was really cool and Daddy and Taylor would want to see it on his wrist, so he left it on. He was exhausted when we got home at about 10 p.m. (it was late and he'd done lots and lots of crying), but he managed to stay awake just so he could show Daddy his bracelet and his special sticker.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Day at the Zoo - Delving into Politics
We had a fun morning at the zoo. The kids love the zoo and we enjoy seeing the animals. However, for the past 8 years (since I first visited the Oregon Zoo), a certain sign has been irking me. I finally remembered my camera today, so now you can see some "false beliefs" in action. If you can't read the sign in the picture, the text says: "FALSE BELIEF Many people thought that wolves threatened humans, livestock and the availability of wild game." This sign is propagating the false belief that wolves DON'T threaten people and domestic and wild animals. If you want proof to the contrary, it's easy to search the internet and find countless examples of the havoc wolves are wreaking on wild herd populations and on domestic herd populations. As far as wolves "threatening" humans, that's easy to document, as well. In Nov. 2005, a healthy young man was killed by wolves in northern Saskatchewan. I'll try to get off my soapbox soon, but if you want more info (and have a strong stomach), check out I guess you could say I am opposed to wolf reintroductions. :-)

Monday, May 08, 2006


We're very proud of Taylor. He's been writing his name for a couple of weeks now, so it's time to announce the news. HOORAY FOR TAYLOR (I think he's saying hooray for himself in the second picture!). He really likes to use a grid and put each letter in a box -- tells you a little about how his very Type-A brain works. It's very cute and we love the way his personality comes out.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Easter, the Oregon Coast, San Francisco, and the Flu

Sorry it's been a while since we posted. We've been rather busy. Our Easter was quite fun, except that Aric had pink eye. We'd been treating it for a few days, so it wasn't an issue except he looked a little sad. We went to church in the morning, then had friends over and had a nice afternoon and evening of play and fellowship and celebration. After our great Easter, we all geared up for Jeremy's final Naval Reserve trip. He has gone to the Bay area for two weeks of service pretty much every year since he got out of college, and this was his last required year. Thankfully, this year I talked my parents into coming out to stay with me and the boys for part of the time Jeremy was gone (it didn't take much convincing :-). My mom actually flew in to Portland a few hours after we sent Jeremy off, so we didn't have much time to feel sad about Daddy leaving. We were all excited to see Grammy, and we had a wonderful week full of adventures. We went to parks, we went on walks, we played and played and played. One highlight was the day spent at the coast. The boys finally got to fly the kite they had gotten as a Christmas present, and Mommy got to go shopping at her favorite Children's Place outlet. It was a good day! On Thursday, my dad drove out from MT for the weekend, and Friday evening, I flew down to San Francisco for a whirlwind of a romantic getaway with Jeremy (more about that in a future post). I flew home on Sunday morning, and spent a nice day with my parents and the boys.The boys had quite a fun time "riding" the Grumpy horse and the Grumpy bull and learning the fine art of balancing on Grumpy's hands while he bench-pressed them! He looked like he had a weekend full of exercise! Grammy and Grumpy left Monday morning, and the boys and I were left with an easy 4 days until Jeremy returned home on Friday...or so we thought. Aric got the stomach flu starting Monday night, and had it pretty much the rest of the week. I got it on Wednesday (I think. It's all a little blurry cuz we were miserable) and didn't have it super bad; by Friday I was achy and tired, but done with the other symptoms. Jeremy returned home on Friday, and boy, was I glad to see him! Now we're just laying low trying to get all the way better, so I'm finally catching up a bit on computer stuff. I will post more details about our San Francisco trip after I get the pictures back and can post them.

5 look at those handsome Easter outfits

6 Grammy with her boys at the coast

6Taylor loved flying the kite and being king of the driftwood

6 Aric liked the kite, too!