Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Fun
The boys carved some fun fall pumpkins (it's obvious they had a LOT of help from Daddy!) and enjoyed dressing up for a harvest party that we never ended up making it to. It was still fun. We went around our apartment complex and got a few pieces of candy and they thought life was pretty great. Here are the pics!

Also, I keep wanting to mention a few of the funny things these boys have been saying lately:

Aric, pointing to the thin blue lines in his wrist: "Mom, are these my brains?" (I emphasized the difference between VEINS and BRAINS after this question!)

Taylor, after getting a flu bug: "Mom, I don't like throwing up. It makes my stomach feel all googley." (Who knew "googley" was such a bad thing?)

Aric, as he was being dragged through a store: "Dad, I'm so BORING!" (Jeremy said the checkout lady couldn't stop laughing at this one. He really was tired of being out and about. As he came in the front door, I overheard him say, "Dad, you wore me out!" Sometimes it's pretty funny to hear him repeating phrases he's heard.)

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Adriel and Christina Henderson said...

I love the boy's outfits. They are very cute. We all miss you. Abbie is asking to play with he boys.