Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aric Turns 8

Aric had a fun birthday party in the beautiful fall sunshine with friends from school. The party had a military jet theme, so the party started with a friendly "bomb toss."

After the formality of the planned game, a free-for-all water balloon fight ensued.

Nobody stayed soaked for long in the sunshine, but it was refreshing while it lasted

Aric had chosen to play musical chairs with Star Wars music playing. He had a great time and made it to the top 3 before being eliminated

 Next, the kids attempted to fly airplanes into a bullseye "landing zone" painted on the ground

Then, we stomped the "grenades" that were tied to each child's ankles

Aric loved his cake and enjoyed pretending he was the pilot while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him

Finally, we all relaxed in the shade while he opened presents. Then, it was back to running around playing tag until all his friends went home

The next day was his actual birthday, and he loved the gifts his sister and brother gave him

He also got a "PowerWing," which he'd been wanting to try for several years

It was definitely worth a hug

The rest of the afternoon was spent practicing his new skill

Happy Birthday, Aric! We love you!

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